Five-Step Framework to Jumpstart Your Journey to become The Whole Woman


Just Imagine 

... If you had the ability to show up for yourself the same way you show up for others, without guilt, by engaging in more self-care?


... If you could eliminate self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, stop beating yourself up, and start to overcome the obstacles that have been holding you back?
... If you lived your most authentic, purpose-filled life - with such inner peace that, despite the external chaos, you manage to maintain well-rounded life and a calm nervous system
... If you didn't have to sacrifice your wellbeing, and fall victim to the fear of what others may say or think, in the process ...

Are You Ready to Become The Whole Woman?

Using this five-step framework, ARISE©, you will be able to design all of this and then some!

What Do You Get When You Decide to ARISE©? 


Participate in interactive workshops for each step of the framework. You will also receive a 50+ page guide and workbook, to reinforce all of the concepts you will learn. 


Join our thriving community of #SoulSistars who are also on the journey to become The Whole Woman. Be apart of the conversation inside of our private digital community.


Use this framework for the rest of your life, referring back to this information and tools to help you through the ups and downs of life & support you on the journey to wholeness 

Meet Your Facilitator

Hi! I'm Kimberly!


I created ARISE© - A five-step framework to jumpstart your journey to becoming The Whole Woman. I know how it feels to be completely dissatisfied with, pretty much, every area of your life. 
Before I started to increase my self-awareness and Align with my Highest Self - I was struggling through life. I was paralyzed by the belief that life was happening TO ME and there was nothing I could do about it. I had lost all faith that I could, one day, BE AT PEACE WITH WHO I AM, AND BE CONFIDENT ABOUT WHO I AM BECOMING..
I knew there had to be a way to ease the internal struggles I was facing on a daily basis. I quickly learned that constantly focusing on my struggles, would only bring me more struggles.. I accepted that in order to create lasting change, I needed to shift my entire paradigm.
So i set off on a mission to learn everything i could about the strategies and skills needed to make this paradigm shift, so I could live in alignment with my authentic self, as well as the vision I have for my life.
In my search for TRUE ALIGNMENT, I was able to reach a state of ever-evolving WHOLENESS - All without sacrificing my ability to take care of myself and my son. Once my life became a reflection of the inner-work I'd done, people started asking how they too, can create harmony and get a sense of enjoyment out of life.
So i put together my knowledge, research, and experience to create my uncover the unique methodology that has allowed me to maintain harmony and live in alignment with my highest self. This is how “ARISE©" was born!

Does This Sound Like You? 

  • You're a high performing woman, who has the desire to step into your Divine Assignment, fully equipped with the self-awareness and emotional intelligence required to be successful. You're empowered, inspired and ready to serve.
  • You are a Spirit-led, heart-centered woman with the desire to design and better navigate your human experience - creating a peaceful and harmonious life, that gives you the space to be the fullest expression of yourself.
  • You have begun to realize that the vision other people have for your life, isn't really satisfying. And you are tired of grasping at straws, trying anything to figure out how to attract more of what you want out of life.
  • You are frustrated at the level of external chaos you're experiencing and you are desperate to change your circumstances.
  • You occasionally attempt to go inward, only to realize you are just not satisfied and you just don't know why.
  • You've given up trying to make internal change and are trying to force your will, leaving you feeling burnt out and defeated.
  • You feel as if life is happening to you, instead of for you, and you are discouraged because you know that you deserve a purpose-filled, enjoyable life
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Knowing the obstacles preventing your wholeness and gaining Clarity of what wholeness looks like



Learn to shift your paradigm in order to turn those obstacles to stepping stones towards self-mastery



Implement your new paradigm into your day to day life, through the mastery of the 'soft skills' like emotional intelligence and communication



Learn to become the observer of your experience and change your thinking and your being in real time, to create more desirable outcomes



Learning to better manage energy, time, projects, and habits - creating Sustainable Systems so you can do and have the life you truly desire

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By The Time You Complete ARISE©

You Will Be Able to:

  • Clearly evaluate the eight (8) major areas of your life to determine your current level of overall life satisfaction¬†
  • Identify the influential factors that contribute to YOU experiencing more satisfaction in each area of your life¬†¬†
  • Recognize the Aligned Actions you need to take¬†in order to¬†live an¬†authentic, peaceful, and purposeful life¬†
  • Redefine who you are and what you stand for, so you can raise the concept that you have of yourself
  • Design your¬†Unique¬†Path to WHOLENESS, aligning - Creating more inner¬†peace, as well as¬†outer harmony in your day to day life
  • Utilize this framework over and over again to readjust to any and all of the curveballs that come with being The Whole Woman

Don’t wait! 


It's time to jumpstart your jouney to creating a well-rounded, authenteic, purpose-filled life - filled with inner peace and outer harmony. It's your birthright to become a


Woman Having an Optimal Life Experience


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